Ételle d’Hivaer Candle


Notes of Sweet Orange, Cinnamon & Nutmeg
Sweet and warm spicy notes.

Made with a unique blend of Essential Oils.

  • 12 hours burn time
  • French porcelain biscuit/matte finish or gloss glaze jar
  • 100% recyclable box
  • Formulated with natural waxes – coconut, rapeseed and bees wax give optimum scent throw when extracted from the natural wax and essential oils.
  • Braided flat ribbon style wick made with 100% natural fibres




Limonene, Cinnamal, Citral, Eugenol, Linalool, Linalyl acetate, a-Pinenes, β-pinene.

Product Information

Product Information

Product Information


Candle information

Candle jar

Jars used for all candles are of a high quality porcelain from France.

The glazed gloss porcelain jar has an elegant finish.

These jars can be up-cycled and utilised for a number of things. Dependant on location, they can be disposed at local recycling centres. One of our latest missions is to find a manageable way to reuse and refill your choice of candle in the same jar.

Candle wax

The wax used is a formulation of natural coconut, rapeseed and bees wax to give optimum scent throw extracted from the natural wax and essential oils.

This was a result of numerous experiments and discovering the soya and bees wax combination couldn’t burn efficiently. Bees wax from personal hives and other bees wax is still used as it is a bi-product of the hives. However, we eliminated soya wax as it is largely GM farmed and there are more sustainable options available.


The wick used in the candle is a braided flat ribbon style wick made with 100% natural fibres.

Out of the 30+ wicks we tested, this gave me the best result and burns to the edge of the jar allowing the candle to burn to its full potential as well as giving you full enjoyment of the candle.

Cream information

Airless pump

The airless pump is designed to keep the product free from contamination. It’s made from polypropylene (pp) and can be fully recycled once the top has been removed and washed.

After considering and researching glass containers, we decided to pursue pp plastic as they are no issue when recycled and reused. Compared to plastic, glass creates more than 6 times more global warming gases, takes more than twice the energy to produce and more pollution is created in the manufacturing, shipping and recycling processes.

Glass jars also tend to have SAN plastic lids that can’t be recycled. Great innovations in the industry such as sugar cane packaging is something we are always considering however it can be difficult for small independent companies to access this.


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Ételle d'Hivaer Candle