About Us


The Company

After discovering a passion for honey bees and exploring the world of fragrance, Sarah Kelly founded Sarafumi in 2016.

Sarafumi is a local business based in Guernsey. Each product is made by hand combining high quality natural waxes and essential oils.

The brand aims to promote the natural beauty of Guernsey through their creations and develop products with natural fragrances the earth has to offer.

Sarafumi was born with conscious design in mind utilising selected, natural ingredients from responsible suppliers. The brand provides its customers with full transparency and education of ingredients used within their products.

Our Ethos

“My ethos remains where it began, marrying the aromas of my home island with eco-friendly ingredients & responsible practices. Formulated with sustainability at the core, I aim to combine my passion for honeybees with my love for local fragrance to create luxury products empowered by the earth. Each product is designed to stimulate the senses to re-energise, relax and unwind.”

Meet Sarah

Sarah hand makes each individual product. Her passion for honey bees lead her down a path of fragrance discovery, combining natural waxes and essential oils. In keeping where this journey began, she uses her hometown of Guernsey’s historical language “Patois” in product names and is inspired by local scents.

Sarah Kelly

Founder / Owner